About the SCSD

The Standing Committee for the Support of Demonstrators (SCSD) aims at supporting individuals facing repression (legal sanctions, injuries, etc.) in the context of demonstrations and street protests. It will do so by:

  • Facilitating legal solutions for persons facing repression
  • Facilitating the legal defense of judiciarized persons
  • Facilitating the care of injured persons
  • Facilitating the documentation of police interventions during demonstrations as well as the diffusion of this documentation
  • Facilitating the systematic observation of the media coverage of demonstrations and demonstrators and the production of correctives, whenever appropriate
  • Facilitating the provision of supplies for, and the presence and the training of, militant medics during demonstrations
  • Facilitating the holding of vigils in case of arrests
  • Punctually collecting and distributing individual and organizational donations consistent with its goals

The work of the Committee aims first of all at supporting existing autonomous initiatives and at facilitating the advent of new autonomous initiatives consistent with its goals. The Committee can also act on its own, autonomously from but in complementarity with existing initiatives.

The Committee protects the anonymity of all its donors and beneficiaries, should they wish so. It will also produce an annual report of its activities and budget.

The members of the Committee are:

Marcos Ancelovici
Jenny Cartwright
Émilie E. Joly
Sophie Vallée-Desbiens