The Standing Committee for the Support of Demonstrators (SCSD) presently needs:

  • Punctual or recurrent donations in order to help it fulfill its mandate. Donations can be sent cash (not recommended), by cheque or by money order (contact us to get our mailing address) or electronically through Paypal at (or by using the Paypal button in the right column of this site). If these solutions do not work for you, leave a message at 514-394-1180 or at and someone will call you back. The SCSD is committed to protecting the anonymity of all donators, should they so require. The SCSD does not produce charity receipts.
  • Jurists ready to get involved in fundamental rights defense at various levels (legal challenges of mass arrests and mass arrest tickets, class action lawsuits, individual lawsuits) by offering low-fee or pro bono services on an occasional basis. We believe that many jurists want to get involved but are concerned that by doing so they may end up being constantly called upon. The SCSD offers itself as an intermediary so that the limits you set to your commitment will be respected.
  • Doctors and psychologists willing to produce medical evaluations within the context of legal procedures at low-fee or pro bono on an occasional basis.
  • Many health professionals, particularly dentists, ready to offer low-fee or pro bono services on an occasional basis to uninsured victims of police brutality.
  • People with a solid training in first aid ready to act as street medics during protests.
  • Registered non-profit organizations willing to employ judiciarized protesters who have to do community service.

If you feel like you could assist the SCSD in some other way, feel free to contact us at 514-394-1180 (leave a message) or by email at

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